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Credit Card Processing For Travel Agencies & Tour Operators

Many banks today shockingly won’t assist or approve organizations that need to process their client’s credit cards for various services such as, tours, vacation packages, hotel accommodations, airline and jet charters, cruise ships, and much more. This is because of the associated risk that comes along with accepting payments in the travel industry. Most services sold in the travel industry include advanced payments for services that will not be rendered immediately, which is where the “high risk” factor comes into play.

It is vital that a business in the travel industry understands what they truly need in a merchant account. Most people in the travel industry do not realize how difficult it can be to get approved for travel related credit card processing. This is where our travel account experts come into play. We will assist you every step of the way and outline the key factors that will help you get approved for a travel processing account and stay alive for years to come.

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Contact our Travel account specialists, and as long as you can keep your chargebacks under 3% we can start setting up your merchant account today.

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