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Your CBD business needs a payment processing solution, just like any other CBD Merchant out there. 

At USA Payments, we believe that all American businesses deserve the chance to thrive – even yours! We make this easier for you by providing customized merchant service solutions, so you don’t have to turn away any of your customers. 

Payment Processing Solutions for CBD Businesses

As a CBD business owner in the US, you have probably seen it all when it comes to merchant services solution providers. Some promise secure options and end up compromising your clients’ data, and others charge ridiculously high costs.

However, the majority of processors are those who refuse to give you a CBD Merchant account because of the risks involved. Banks and major financial institutions are reluctant to handle payment processing for CBD business owners. 

As the use of CBD products in America increases by the day, so does the need for credit card processing solutions for these businesses. Allowing your customers to use credit and debit cards provides an easy and faster alternative. Besides, they get to shop from just about wherever they are in the world.

With a CBD Merchant solution provider, you can receive payments from any of the major credit card companies. Therefore, you don’t have to lose customers because your business doesn’t support their preferred payment method. 

CBD Merchant Accounts for Seamless Payment Processing

Finding the proper payment processing solutions in the CBD industry isn’t easy. Banks and other payment processors would much rather stay on the sidelines despite the industry’s fast-growing pace. As a result, businesses that deal with CBD, Marijuana, and other high-risk products like  cryptocurrencies, are left unattended. These businesses need to process their payments, yet no one is willing to support them. 

As more states in the USA embrace cannabis, CBD, marijuana, and other related products, the industry is only expected to keep growing. Therefore, finding the appropriate solutions provider is crucial to any CBD business that is forward-thinking. 

Your CBD business deserves a credit card processor who will help you scale your business to the next level. With the right partner, you will generate more sales, bring in more profits, and keep growing your business.  

CBD Merchant Service Solutions

USA Payments offers several solutions. Regardless of the kind of CBD business you run, you will find precisely what you need. Whether you have just one physical store, run your business entirely online, or have a chain of CBD businesses- you will get what you need. 

Here’s a look at what you can expect from us:

Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions

Depending on the size and nature of your business, we offer different POS solutions. Some shared features among all these solutions include support for ApplePay, Android Pay, and chip cards. These solutions will also allow you to accept gift cards and automatic batch settlements. If you have any other compatible terminals, you will also receive free programming for them. 

Virtual Terminal Solutions

This solution allows you to run your CBD business virtually and in real-time. It enables you to manage everything, including invoices, customer information, and recurring bills. It features both cloud-based and desktop terminals. The solution also comes with automatic settlements, allowing you to process payments instantly. 

ECommerce Payment Gateway Solutions

The eCommerce solution includes a range of features to give you the best online payment gateway solutions. With this option, you can set up your CBD eCommerce store to process payments however you want. You can create coupons and discounts and customize data fields, all while protecting your customers’ information. 

Mobile Solutions

Take your business with you wherever you go with our mobile payment app. Thanks to this, you can quickly process payments while on the go. The app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices and accepts all payment types. The app features secure PCI-encrypted card readers. Your customers can also use it to add tips and taxes and process returns and refunds. 

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At USA Payments, we don’t view your CBD business as a risk. We treat it just like any other American-based business. So, whether you specialize in CBD oils, gummies, lotions, or any other product, we will help you scale your business. USA Payments is the high-risk processing expert your CBD business needs. Apply now for your CBD Merchant account. If you can keep your chargebacks below 3%, we will set up your account right away. You don’t have to turn away your customers anymore. And you don’t need to hear another ‘No’ from a payment processor. Get in touch with us today, and let’s get started!

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