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USA Payments is determined to Bring Freedom Back to America! We do this by ensuring all US-based businesses can accept credit card payments- including marijuana merchant.

Our customized service solutions are available for marijuana merchants and other high-risk businesses at the lowest possible cost. For us, this is the American Dream.

Marijuana Credit Card Processing Solutions

Marijuana businesses have been on the rise in the US, thanks to the changing regulatory laws within different states. Increased medical and recreational use of marijuana and CBD products has caused an explosion in the industry. As such, the need for more convenient payment methods is also on the rise.

As a marijuana business owner, you will attest that getting a marijuana merchant account isn’t easy. Many credit card processors steer away from this industry because of the associated high risks. The changing federal and state laws mean that the industry is continuously evolving. As such, many financial institutions would rather not participate in this high risk scene.

That said, it is worth noting that the changing laws also hold a promise for the future of marijuana-related businesses. As more Americans embrace the consumption of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, businesses like yours need to ensure that they offer convenient payment options- including debit and credit cards.

USA Payments Solutions for Marijuana Businesses

At USA Payments, we understand that every business, even high-risk ones, deserves a chance to grow and thrive. Providing payment processing solutions is one of the ways through which marijuana businesses can expand their clientele. Many customers across different industries now prefer making card payments for convenience and speedy transactions. Therefore, having the ideal merchant services solutions provider on your side could be just the boost your marijuana business needs.

USA Payments is your one-stop shop for all your high-risk merchant accounts. Our solutions are tailored to meet your business needs and ensure you operate without any downtime. Our experts understand the risks involved with your marijuana business and aren’t afraid to hold your hand. We have numerous banking options available and have partnered with major credit card companies. Thus, with a marijuana merchant account, your business will be able to receive payments from all your clients, without turning any of them away.

Regardless of the size of your marijuana business, we have the ideal payment processing solution for you. Here’s a look at some of the merchant solutions we can customize for your marijuana business.

  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Virtual Terminal Solutions
  • Point of Sale (POS) Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions

With a marijuana merchant account, you can also sign up for the cash discount program. The program allows you to save up on credit card fees and make more revenue. Like all other products, there are no hidden fees. You can also switch back to traditional processing whenever you want.

Why Should You Go for Our Marijuana Merchant Accounts?

If you have been shopping around for the ideal merchant services solutions provider, you’ve probably heard your fair share of ‘No.’ And if so, you might be sceptical of a provider who promises a merchant account for your marijuana business- as you should be!

But, here’s the thing; USA Payments is not your typical payment processing solutions provider. Instead, we pride ourselves on being high-risk processing experts. As your merchant service provider, we aim to assist in the long-term stability and success of your marijuana business.

So, why should you choose us? Here are five reasons to convince you.

1. High risk is our specialty

Unlike other merchant service providers, we don’t steer away from high-risk businesses. On the contrary, we specialize in high-risk merchant accounts, providing solutions in a variety of high-risk industries, including marijuana.

Thanks to our specialization in high-risk payment processing, our solutions have clear advantages over traditional low-risk payment processing. This includes increased sales volume allowances, recurring billing, and load balancing.

2. No hidden fees

You don’t have to worry about complex monthly statements that always amount to some hidden ‘service charges.’ USA Payments includes a transparent pricing model, so you don’t have to worry about surprise charges.

Further, we work directly with various processing solutions to compare the prices. Thus, your marijuana business will receive the best available services at the lowest rates possible.

3. One-stop-shop

USA Payments offers a range of payment processing solutions for your marijuana business. Whether you need solutions for your eCommerce store only or want to include POS solutions too, we’ve got you covered. By signing up for a marijuana merchant account with us, you get access to all these solutions, depending on what your business needs.

4. Customized merchant service solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to credit card processing solutions. A startup marijuana business may only need a basic payment processing solution. On the other hand, an established marijuana dispensary may need to set up a recurring billing solution.

Therefore, we work with you to provide solutions tailored to meet your business needs. As such, you don’t have to worry about our services disrupting your business cycle since they are customized to fit right in.

5. Secure payment processing

Every business owner must ensure that their customers’ data is safe and that clients can comfortably use their credit and debit cards. All our solutions are solid and secure so that your clients’ data is never at risk.

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Getting the right payment processor for your marijuana business isn’t the easiest task. Many merchant service providers avoid marijuana and other high-risk businesses, for obvious reasons. Therefore, you don’t need a typical payment processing solutions provider. Your business needs high-risk merchant account experts to thrive.

At USA Payments, your marijuana business and its success is our focus. Our experts will ensure you get the customized credit card processing solutions you need at the lowest possible costs. Our top-tier customer service and transparent pricing will help you scale your business to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now for your marijuana merchant account and we’ll get started right away!

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