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Our job is to get you the high risk merchant account you need, in order to operate your business without any downtime. We understand how costly it can be without proper high risk payment processing, but with our numerous banking options, we will get you up and running in no time!

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Since we specialize in High Risk Merchant Accounts, we know we can get your business approved! We are able to provide high risk processing to a wide variety of high risk industries.

Many businesses have trouble getting approved prior to speaking with us… But the good news is, when businesses work with us, 98% of all applicants get approved for the high risk merchant account they need.

​In the world of processing, there are some businesses and industries that are considered “risky.”Do you also fall into one of them? Have you already been declined or shut down by several credit card processors? Have you been told that you are a“high risk merchant?” Well, all is not lost. Fortunately, we are high risk credit card processing account experts and we focus on what you need most.

The most important aspect that you need to understand is that you might be viewed as a high risk merchant by one provider, but not by another so, it is completely dependent upon their risk department to let you know what risk level your business falls into read more

If the bank’s guidelines are strict, then the chances that you will get approved will be pretty slim. On the contrary, if the guidelines are more relaxed, then you’ll definitely have a better shot at a merchant account. Once you’ve found the right service partner, it will be quite simple.Furthermore, if the provider, you submit an application to specializes in offering high risk credit card processing, then you should be heading in the right direction for an approval. But, it is very wise to ask that provider if they have multiple banks to send your account to in order to balance the total risk and protect your business in the event one bank shuts down your merchant account.There are a various reasons why a provider would believe your business as high risk. Perhaps your industry is known for having a high possibility of charge backs or fraud or you have bad credit. Usually the risk is calculated in terms of fraud and charge backs. How often is the business receiving charge backs? The more charge backs a business is predicted to have, the higher the risk level. Some merchants essentially seek out high risk payment processing, as it comes with assured advantages over traditional low risk processing.

  • Increased sales volume allowances.
  • Multi-Account / Load Balancing.
  • Recurring billing

As some providers are more risk tolerant than others. All merchant service provider generally do not want to deal with any businesses that may cause them to lose money, so they tend to stay away from those business types completely.

What you need to do is find a high risk credit card processing account provider that is ready to work with your business type, that is keen to give you reasonable rates and that does not jusge you as soon as you sign up. If you can’t already tell, we understand what it takes to get you approved, so if you turn to us for your high risk merchant account, your business will be up and running in no time!

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