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Credit Card Processing For Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing or MLM has been labeled by banks as one of the highest risk industries today. This is due to the ever increasing chargeback rates caused by false promises of success and wealth. But for us, we believe otherwise. We understand MLM businesses and we know how to properly set up MLM accounts. Our main focus is protecting our clients and the only way to do that is by setting them up properly from the very beginning.

Successful Multi-Level Marketing businesses must obtain a solid payment processing account in order to be fully operational. Beyond getting approved for a MLM merchant account, the business must properly manage their account in order to mitigate chargebacks, thus helping themselves in the process of keeping their credit card processing alive.

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Contact our MLM payment specialists today, and as long as you can keep your chargebacks under 3% we can start setting up your merchant account today.

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