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We’re Bringing Freedom Back to America!

Low Risk Solutions

Credit card processing at industry low rates. No hidden fees.

Cash Discount

Pass-through processing brings your rates and fees to almost zero.

High Risk Processing

We cater to businesses that other processors simply refuse to talk to.


Freedom to decide on what payment solutions are going to help your business grow to new levels. Drive your business to the next level with the most customized merchant service solutions that will help you make more sales and raise your profits.

Who Are We?

USA Payments is an American based merchant service provider specializing in U.S. Based businesses with true cost credit card processing. What does this really mean?… It means we are “Bringing Freedom Back to America!”

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to enable American businesses by providing them with customized payment processing services at the lowest possible cost, which in turn will add more money back in their pockets. Why pay more than you need to?


We have been providing American businesses nationwide with solutions against high-priced credit card processing!

Customer Service

Tired of waiting endlessly on hold? Our 24/7 support team and dedicated account representatives are always available!

Transparent Pricing

Truly transparent pricing means zero hidden fees, and no bait and switch; What you see is what you get. Now, that's what we call the American Dream!

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