Get rid of ALL Credit Card Processing Fees

Understanding the Cash Discount Program & Surcharge Program

A cash discount program gives your customers, patients, or clients the chance to save money by paying in cash. You can set distinct prices for products or services based on whether the payment is in cash or credit card. Alternatively, you may choose not to provide a cash discount and implement a surcharge for credit card payments without a cash discount. A classic illustration of a cash discount program is observed at a gas station, where opting to pay with a card means forgoing the cash discount.

At, this entire procedure is automated using the terminal. Many merchants prefer having the register calculate a cash discount offer for their customers. The cash discount amount matches your credit card processing fee. For instance, if your average credit card processing fee is 3.5%, that becomes your cash discount. This approach encourages cash usage, and your business ultimately retains the same amount from the sale. Instead of credit card companies taking a cut, your clients benefit. Promoting cash discounts proves to be an effective marketing strategy.

Explanation of How Credit Card Processing Fees Are Eliminated.

Once you integrate a surcharge program or a cash discount program to eradicate credit card processing fees, those fees become a thing of the past. collaborates directly with major card brands such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express to ensure compliance with their regulations.

You can now eliminate costly interchange fees by transitioning to a fully compliant cash discount program. Join thousands of other merchants who have made this switch to enhance profitability, countering rising labor and material costs. Eliminating these credit card processing fees has resulted in substantial monthly savings for businesses.

Customers Always Appreciate a Discount!

Who wouldn't appreciate a good discount for paying in cash? The sense of getting a deal makes us feel great.

Implementing a cash discount program not only provides savings but also sets your business apart in marketing campaigns or through word of mouth.

In competitive markets, offering a cash discount can be the deciding factor for customers choosing your company over a competitor.

How to Initiate a Cash Discount Program


Contact us at (877) 267-1555 or fill out the form, and a representative will contact you to address any inquiries and provide the application to get started.


There are no setup fees. After approval, you'll receive a free terminal that automates the cash discount program. No initial expenses are required.​


Our team will assess your historical rates to determine a discount rate that suits you. Standard rates range from 3-4%.


To comply with regulations, you must display signage. This also serves as a visual cue to customers that you offer a cash discount!

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